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Canine Remedial massage therapy for your best friend

Personalised massage therapy to improve your dog's mobility and wellbeing

Two dachshunds loving canine remedial massage to improve their mobility

Restore the balance for optimal functioning 

As a dog parent, have you ever wondered if your best friend is experiencing muscle or joint tightness and stiffness as a result of overworking or compensating for less mobile joints? 

Wag Wellness can provide home visits for canine remedial massage to treat all breeds of dog who need to improve their mobility, manage conditions or aid recovery from surgery or injury.

Benefits for your best friend

  • Reduce muscle tension to assist with improving the dogs strength and mobility   

  • Massaging assists in reducing the stress and anxiety levels of a dog

  • Maintaining and prolonging mobility for senior dogs to improve range of motion

  • Improve  circulation, bringing muscles the oxygen for optimal functioning

  • Improve the blood flow to assist  with the recovery process of an injury or surgery

  • Alleviate pain and dysfunction caused by a variety of causes, for example, surgery, age and injury

Wag Wellness services

Whether your dog is young or old, Wag Wellness is committed to providing the best care and appropriate personalised treatment to improve the wellbeing of your best friend.

Wag Wellness focuses on creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for your best friend, promoting a positive and rewarding experience by offering in-home canine remedial massages.  


We'll come straight to your door and provide your best friend with a bespoke, personalised and relaxing experience that is sure to leave them feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Each home therapy session is tailor-made by understanding your best friend's immediate and long term needs. It focuses on the dog's medical history, veterinary referral (if applicable) and a comprehensive assessment of your dog's body.  


The assessment will help to create a personalised treatment plan for your dog, taking into account any physical limitations, injuries or medical conditions that may affect your dog's mobility and overall wellbeing.

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Canine remedial massage treatments for your best friend

Wag Wellness offers the perfect canine massage experience for your best friend, tailored to their needs. We understand that every dog is unique and therefore requires a unique treatment plan tailored to your best friend.


Our treatment options range from one-off treatments to recurring treatments, so you can find the perfect plan to keep your best friend feeling their best.

We come to you within the comfort of your dog’s home. 

Wag Wellness offers a personalised and bespoke canine remedial massage service. We travel to your home to provide your best friend with the ultimate form of relaxation and rejuvenation.  


Our bespoke service allows us to come to you, so even if your dog is unable to travel, is recovering from surgery or has special needs, our mobile service is perfect for you.

Wag Wellness travels up and down the Central Coast from its base in Terrigal. Any distance travelled outside of the mobile service area will be charged a flat fee of $18. This is calculated using Google Maps and will take the most direct route.

Wag Wellness can travel to Sydney and Newcastle, on request and will charge a flat fee based on location, taking the most direct route. 

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