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Welcome to Wag Wellness 

Wag Wellness is passionate about giving your best friend the personalised attention they deserve in order to promote muscle relaxation, relieve joint pain, and improve circulation.

About Wag Wellness

Wag Wellness specialises in canine remedial massage for all breeds and ages of dogs to improve their mobility, wellbeing and recovery from injury or surgery.  

We focus on assessing your dog before each dog remedial massage session to ensure we provide a personalised treatment plan, whilst ensuring any areas of concern are highlighted for referral to a veterinary surgeon for further assessment. 

At Wag Wellness we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your best friends because we are passionate about helping dogs live their happiest and best lives.  We are committed to helping dogs thrive, inspired by their resilience and strength.


We invite you to join us on this journey of healing and wellness for your beloved pets.

Wag Wellness is accredited and fully insured by the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association.

Story behind Wag Wellness

Hi, my name is Adele, and I am a Canine Remedial Massage Therapist.


However, my career background started with a degree in Sports Science, then a Master’s in Information technology, ending up as a Product designer.


Growing up in a household where there were always dogs in the house, from Chow Chows to German Shepherds and now Dachshunds, I have really grown to love dogs.


But what inspired me to become a Canine Remedial Massage Therapist was when Bolt, my Dachshund boy, had his neck surgery for IVDD. When the surgery was over and I got him back, I felt helpless as to how I could help him in his recovery process and ensure that future injuries were prevented.


I became increasingly interested in finding out what alternative approaches might be available to help Bolt recover.


During this time I found little information available to dog owners about the importance of rehabilitating and continuing to massage their best friend on a regular basis to help mitigate any further problems or early onset of muscle or joint problems.


All the research and my passion for finding an alternative approach led me to complete an accredited Canine Remedial Massage course, not only to help Bolt, but any other dog in the future that may need help.


So now I am a qualified Canine Remedial Massage Therapist and a member of the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association, aiming to make a difference to the mobility, wellbeing and quality of life of dogs.

A woman sitting on couch, with two tan Dachshund on her lap and smiling
Logo of the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association

Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association Member

Have any questions about what canine remedial massage is?

Looking for more information about treatment plans and how we can help your best friend?

Contact us to help you understand how Wag Wellness can help your best friend

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