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Ease Your Dog's Aches and Pains with Canine Remedial Massage

Wag Wellness offers a unique and beneficial canine remedial massage mobile service to help your best friend improve their wellbeing, range of motion and reduce any related pain. 

Canine massage treatment options and pricing

Wag Wellness treatment options, where your best friend can experience maximum comfort and relaxation by offering a variety of holistic treatment options for optimal wellbeing.

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Unlocking the powers of canine remedial massage


Initial consultation

For an initial consultation, we will need to spend a little more time asking questions about your dog's medical history, exercise, influencing factors and to carrying out an assessment.

If your dog has had an injury or recent or previous surgery, please bring any relevant medical information you've received from your veterinarian.

In order to determine the best treatment plan option for your best friend, we will begin with a thorough assessment to identify your best friend's gait and any tight muscle groups.

You will need to be present during this assessment to help us with things such as getting them to stand up, take a short walk, sit up and make sure they are comfortable.


During the treatment

The type of massage treatment to be given during the session will be determined by the completed assessment, highlighting the main areas to be treated.

You will need to be present during the session to help your best friend feel comfortable.


You may need to help hold your best friend and encourage them to stay still until they are comfortable with the session. 

During the first few sessions, your best friend may need to take frequent breaks until he or she gets used to the type of massage technique that's being used. 

The length of the treatment session may also depend on the size of your dog, how well your dog settles down and adapts to the areas that need to be treated.


After the treatment

We'll discuss our recommendations for subsequent sessions and give you an overview of the options available for follow-up massage treatments. 

Depending on the assessment carried out at the start of the session, we will make suggestions as to how we can modify or adapt the massage for your best friend to reduce their discomfort, improve their healing process and minimise the effects of any future injuries. 

We will also give you with guidelines on how you can help your best friend by suggesting how and where to massage them until the next follow-up massage treatment session.

We come to you within the comfort of your dog’s home. 

Wag Wellness offers a personalised and bespoke canine remedial massage service. We travel to your home to provide your best friend with the ultimate form of relaxation and rejuvenation.  


Our bespoke service allows us to come to you, so even if your dog is unable to travel, is recovering from surgery or has special needs, our mobile service is perfect for you.

Wag Wellness travels up and down the Central Coast from its base in Terrigal. Any distance travelled outside of the mobile service area will be charged a flat fee of $18. This is calculated using Google Maps and will take the most direct route.

Wag Wellness can travel to Sydney and Newcastle, on request and will charge a flat fee based on location, taking the most direct route. 

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